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The first, large-scale, Black-owned spiritual goods company devoted to restoring Black spirituality

Black spiritual consumers spend an average of $600 on spiritual goods a year*, and a majority of that is spent with established companies that aren't invested in Black issues or communities. Bless the Roads wants to change that. The goal of Bless the Roads is to mass produce spiritual goods and services for Black spiritual consumers. Bless the Roads lives at the intersection of intention and innovation. With a fundamental homage to the enterprising Hoodoo men and women who came before us, Bless the Roads continues laying the groundwork for erecting the Black spiritual marketplace and consumer. 


 *Bless the Roads Black Spirituality Survey 2021

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When you find the crossroads you find yourself.

One of the most iconic symbols and locations in Hoodoo is the crossroads. This iconography is found throughout African Traditional Religions and is proof of the spiritual connection Black Americans have with the Diaspora. The link between the Kongo cosmogram and the crossroads in Hoodoo is more than visual, it's a principle of honoring the intersection of forces, the collaboration of flesh and spirit, and the will of our Ancestors to maintain their spiritual beliefs amidst persecution and violence. We don't just use the crossroads in our work, we bless the roads so they may bless our spirits and other Black people on the journeys. 

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